Oz Loka 250

Oz Loka 250

Brand: School Lockers Australia
Warranty: 15 Year Warranty
Availability: In Stock
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Oz Loka 250 from School Lockers Australia, Australia's leading and trusted Oz Loka 250 supplier and manufacturer.

Oz Loka® is the perfect choice for schools looking for low maintenance school lockers which can withstand rough use, vandalism and exposure to weather.

880H x 375W x 450D

Some of the many features and benefits are:

1.  Our products maintain their quality appearance after years of active use and outdoor exposure
2.  Lockers are fire and water resistant and can withstand rough use
3.  Easy to maintain and keep clean, can be hosed out at the end of term
4.  Extensive range of colours - check out the school locker gallery
5.  Simple installation and stackable options
6.  Each locker is supplied with all accessories - number plates, locks, kick boards, shelving etc
7.  15 year warranty

Colour Options


Yellow 18


Orange 61


Heritage Red 45


Red 551


Magenta 526


Purple 538


Light Blue 325


Blue Oz Loka


Dark Blue 326


Stock Green 209


Lime Green 257


Heritage Oz Loka


Teal 338


Mist Green 206


Rivergum 234


Mountain Blue 392


Slate Grey 89


Grey Oz Loka


Monument 8026


Wheat 930


Merino 918


Light Grey 817


Dark Grey 816


Black 70



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