eXtreme Plastic Lockers

eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Brand: School Lockers Australia
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Availability: In Stock
Specifications: Plastic Lockers PDF
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eXtreme Plastic Lockers from School Lockers Australia, Australia's leading and trusted eXtreme Plastic Locker supplier and manufacturer.

Label position and air vents on all models.
Exceptionally Secure - the hardened plastic doors can prevent break in attempts by a claw hammer.
The hinges can withstand nearly 3200N of pressure without breaking.
Easy to Clean - they can be sprayed with a high pressure hose and simply left to dry. Drainage holes allows water drain away, no need to dry by hand.
Low Maintenance - the hardened polyethylene ensure lockers won't dent, chip or require periodic painting.
Stackable - eXtreme Lockers can be stacked and secured together for stability.
Sloping Top Hoods and stands.
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